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Sep 29-30
ISF Småland

Judge Sunday
Dogs: Jacquie Rorke, England
 Bitches: Diana Wilder, England

Judge Saturday
Sonja Rykers, Belgien

Grand Slam!

Dubliner Mashmallow 3:rd best puppie Saturday,
                                     2:nd best puppie Sunday.
Dubliner Moody Blue Best youngdog and 2:nd bestdog both days.
 Dubliner Wild Africa 3:rd Best youngbitch Saturday
                                     2:nd Best youngbitch Sunday.
Ashrims Elf 2:nd Best bitch Saturday
                  4:th Best bitch Sunday.

Honeygardens Imitation 
2:nd Oppenclass 1 Saturday
Best Bitch and BIS Sunday.

Kanelin Hurrah Dubliner 3:rd Best bitch Saturday and Sunday.

Teatrick Angel Eyes

 Dubliner Tiger Woods 
 Best dog and BIS Saturday. Handler: Ann Paleski

Dubliner Wimbledon best dog and BOS Sunday.

Kennel Dubliner
Best Breeding group both days

Asoftwind Of The Golden Vale
Best progenygroup both days!

Well, What can I say? Another super weekend for our dogs, 
they all got placed at the top!!

So proud of our kennelgirl Therese who handled both Dubliner Imitation "Mazarin" and Dubliner Wimbledon "Pralin" as BOS and BIS!
We haven't quite yet understood how very well we've done this weekend.

Kanelin Hurrah Dubliner "Pammie"  is very happy for beeing placed
as 2:nd after just started competing again at aug 26:nd. Since she got beaten by Dubliner Tiger Woods who became no 1 on the list,
well that she can live with.

We all had a very nice evening at the hotel and are looking
forward to go there again. 

Next up are Växjö and Stockholm, see you all then!

Kanelin Hurrah Dubliner

Sep 8-9
Judge: Rosemary Ramsay, Storbritannien

After the weekend show in 
Rättvik is
Dubliner Tiger Woods "Mascot"
now in top as Show Irish in Sweden!!
Now we go for it!

June 9:th
 ISF Östergötland i Finspång

Fairhaven Good Riddance "Pommac" became BIS Puppy,as lovely as he is
but then it wasn´t quite our day!
Dubliner Simsala Bim "Rummel" 3 junior
Dubliner Tiger Woods "Mascot" 5 best dog
Fairhaven Engla did not get placed today!
Here's a photo collection from the show.


May 3:rd
Magnus and Henriettas little moviestars
Photos taken at the age of
6 weeks old  
Puppis Pedigree

Blue dog

Green dog

Lilac dog

Unmarked dog

Orange dog

Red Bitch

Pink Bitch

Black dog

White dog



A great weekend in Värmland. It went very well for our dogs.
ISF Värmland/Dalsland
Judge: Lesley Armstrong-Rodgers, GB

Dubliner Simsala Bim "Rummel" Best Junior 
Dubliner Tiger Woods "Mascot" 1:st Premie
Asoftwind Of The Golden Vale "Magnus" 4:th Premie. 
Dubliner Wimbledon "Pralin" 5:th Premie.
Dubliner Moody blue "Joshua" 4:th Junior.
 Asoftwind Of The Golden Vale "Magnus"  became best progeny group
Dubliner There Goes My Everything "Festis" 4:th Junior
Fairhaven Engla "Engla" 1:st youngclass
Ashrims Elf "Michelle" 1:st openclass

last but not least
Dubliner Tiger Woods

New Puppies!
 Born march 16 
7 boys 2 girls

Dubliner Min Henrietta
" Henrietta"

Asoftwind Of The Golden Vale

We have arrived!
A few days early but Pammie and Pilsner thought that
Valetines Day are perfect birthday for their little ones!
4 dogs and 6 bitches lies next to their mother and are eating.
are doing just fine and are a great mom and we´re excited to follow
the puppies in the future.

More puppies are expected!
Discovery's She's The One "Molly" are pregnant with
Dubliner Tiger Woods "Mascot"
Breeder: Kennel Discovery >>>

Vicary's Chardonnay "Hanna" are expecting puppies with
Dubliner Wimbledon "Pralin"
Breeder: Kennel Triquetra 

Pictures of our youngsters.
They are certaintly eating and growing!

Dubliner Simsala Bim
8 months
Handler Ann Paleski

Dubliner There Goes My Everything 
"Festis" 8 months

Junior Handler Therese

Dubliner My First Noelle
"Tosca" 8 months

Handler and co owner Ingela Franzén
Kennel Sunset Hill's

are at home thinking his all that and Mascot are wondering why?!
Well, it´s because "Banchee" became a mother to a litter of 6+6!

         Fairhaven Banchee Barracuda      
 Handler and owner Louise Holm
Breeder: Kennel Fairhaven

foto Marta Magi

Happy news from Finland when the ultrasound showed puppies on the way!
e:Asoftwind Of The Golden Vale "Magnus" 
u: Red Butterfly Unique queen "Helmi"
Breeder: Kennel Kanelin





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