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A few weeks ago I went to look at a son of
Gaerlic Boogie Woogie At Dubliner "Higgins" and Dubliner Dewdrop.
A boy I always liked called Pilsner.
I havent seen him for years, so I just wanted to get the feeling that he should
be the right one for Kanelin Hurrah Dubliner "Pammie".
I was so nice to see him very untrimmed and so happy.
A lot his father in head ,topline and tail. Substance in front and body ,very good mover

It took awhile before they found eachother.
But in the end they were like real lovers and didnt want to be apart from eachother nomore.
You were looking so cute together and now we looking forward to the puppies
around 17-18 February.
Pedigree >>>

Kanelin Hurrah Dubliner
"Pammie" >>>

Queensett's Dances With Wolves

Today Louise was calling and said that  Fairhaven Banchee Barracuda
was pregnant with Dubliner Wimbledon "Pralin",that make us so happy!
Puppies planned for middle of January!

e: Asoftwind Of The Golden Vale "Magnus"
u: Crazy's Beauty "Eyra"
Breeder: Fairhaven

          Fairhaven Banchee Barracuda
       Handler and owner Louise Holm

           foto Marta Magi

HUND2006 Stockholm

Movie of Pralin winning in the ring here 
So now it was time again for Big Stockholm.

Judge Bitches  Mrs Hilda Parkinson England
Judge Dogs Mr Laurent Pichard  Schweiz

Juniorclass Dogs:
Winner Dubliner Florian, Cruftsqualified.
Good luck Henrik with him in the future.
Juniorclass Bitches; Winner Fairhaven Faye Firefly "Tippa" 
also she Cruftsqualified!
Well done Louise and Anna!

First out from the  our gang was Min Min Light Elsa Beskow
(a daughter of Asoftwind Of The Golden Vale and Dubliner Irrisistable)
who became Best Youngbitch.
Very well done Vanja!

Kanelin Hurrah Dubliner "Pammie" became 4:th best bitch.

Asoftwind Of The Golden Vale "Magnus"
became best progeny group.

The highlight of today was ofcourse My big teddybear Dubliner Wimbledon"Pralin"
who became best dog and
See you again next year....

 SV06 Dubliner Wimbledon

SV Winner 06 BOS Dubliner Wimbledon
BOB Ch Caemgen's Alive and Kicking

Sire:Dubliner Tiger Woods
Dame: Dubliner Hip Hurray >>>
Breeder: Kennel Kanelin >>>

Kanelin Make The Cut
13 weeks
Owner: Vilja Tuulia, Vehkaoja, Finland.
Kennel Red Rhythm's
Good luck!

Our wonderful Kennelgirl Therese with 
 Dubliner There Goes My Everything "Festis"
Dubliner Simsala Bim "Rummel"

Karmino Made Femme Fatale "Nadja" congratulates her lovely brother
Karmino Made Fanfan La Tulipe
Marco" who became
Best dog and the title World Winner 2006 at the show in Polen.

Sire:Dubliner Wallstreet >>>
Dam:Karmino Chiquita >>>
Breeder: Karmino Kennel >>>

Karmino Made Fanfan La Tulipe
Owner and handler: Rasa Inokaityte

Karmino Made Femme Fatale 
Handler: Ann Paleski
Owner: Kennel Dubliner

Grand Slam Weekend


(Swedish Kennel club) SKK - Vxj
Judge - Claudio de Giuliani, Italy

Best Dog Became Dubliner Wimbledon "Pralin"

2:nd best Dog Dubliner Tiger Woods "Mascot" 
and in 3:rd place Asoftwind Of The Golden Vale "Magnus"
who at the end of the day became BIS Progeny Group!!!
Very well done and now over to the Bitches

Kanelin Hurrah Dubliner "Pammie" 2:nd best bitch
and Ashrims Elf "Michelle" in 3:rd place.
Dubliner Cheerio Kanelin became 4:th best Youngclass bitches
So it was a very great day again for the dogs!

Kanelin Hurrah Dubliner "Pammie" will be in heat in
November/December. An exiting combination is planned. 
We are thinking about a few boys.

2 /10
Presenting pictures from Elvis litter >>>
4 months old.

Dubliner Simsala Bim

Dubliner There Goes My Everything 

Dubliner My First Noelle
Handler and c/o owner Ingela Franzn
Kennel Sunset Hill's >>>

Dubliner Moody Blue
Owner and handler Mia Karlsson
Kennel Dark Auburn's >>>

Congratulations Miki!
Sire: LUX JCH LJGS04 VDH EUSG06 Queenstone The Jee Jee Man
Dame:Fansett Be My Pride
Breeder:Minna Viertola

Fansett Jaunty Jive
6 months who became BIR and BIS puppy this weekend.  
c/o owner Kennel Kanelin >>>

We are so very proud of our

Magnus Rykers who today became Copenhagenwinner
 in Brondby, Denmark!

Asoftwind Of The Golden Vale
with his handler Eva Lundqvist.


GRANDSLAM at Herrfallet!!!


Judge: Emese Boros - Hungary Kennel Berboss
Rebecca Burton - England Kennel Red Ohara

         BIS Dubliner Tiger Woods
BOS Kanelin Hurrah Dubliner

Judge: Emese Boros - Hungary Kennel Berboss
Rebecca Burton - England Kennel Red Ohara

BIS Fairhaven Engla "Engla"
BOS Dubliner Wimbledon "Pralin".

Dubliner Hip Hurray gave birth to 8 +3 and proud
father is Dubliner Tiger Woods.

Dubliner Watermelon "Jente"
(sister to Dubliner Wimbledon "Pralin")
who became best bitch on the Estonian clubshow!

Dubliner Watermelon





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