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Nu har vi kommit!!
3/5 föddes 10 flickor och 5 pojkar!
Mamma och valpar mår kanon!
Leveransklara i början på Juli!
Third of May we all arrived!!

10 girls and 5 boys!!
Mother and puppies are very fine.
Delivery beginning of July!

Dubliner Georgio Armani 7 days!!

Time for some New updates of the youngsters and the oldies too!!


Dubliner Prince Fernando "Martini" 9 months

Mio's daughter Dubliner Vindruvan "Druvan" 11 months

Dubliner Golden Piaffe "Piaffe" 21 months

Dubliner Mac Mio "Mio"3 Years


Fairhaven GoodRiddance "Pommac" 4 years

Kanelin Hurrah Dubliner "Pammie" 7 years

Puppies expected around may 10 2011 
Valpar väntas ca 10 maj 2011

 Kanelin Hurrah Dubliner - Dubliner Mac Mio

Valpar planeras under 2011 - Puppies planned in 2011
Honey Gardens Imitation
Dubliner Golden Piaffe

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