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Asoftwind Of The Golden Vale "Magnus"

Magnus and Claire Prangle 

Dubliner Tiger Woods "Mascot"

Dubliner Tiger Woods "Mascot"

Witherdale World Wide Webb "Jordan"
och Dubliner Tiger Woods "Mascot"

Dubliner Golden Piaffe "Piaffe"

Dubliner Golden Piaffe "Piaffe"

Dubliner Vivaldi "Vivaldi"

Dubliner Vindruvan "Druvan" och Ann

Dubliner Vindruvan "Druvan"

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April 2010
Nu har vi kommit fyra flickor och fyra pojkar.
Pamsan mår kanon och älskar de små liven och Mio är så stolt Pappa...

Nya bilder på Pommac ,Mio och Foppa

Fairhaven Good Riddance  "Pommac"

Dubliner MacMio  "Mio"

Dubliner Gyllene Tider "Foppa"

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February 2010
Puppies are planned around 10 of April! Delivery beginning of June!!
We really looking forward to this combination


Kanelin Hurrah Dubliner



Dubliner Mac Mio

Two of my favourites in Look, character and movements!

We are happy to present Nadja and Mios puppies!

We are so pleased them,Foppa and Piaffe
Super fronts ,croups and really nice toplines and we can MOVE!

Foppa 12 weeks

Foppa 12 weeks

Foppa 5 months

Piaffe 12 weeks

Piaffe 12 weeks

Piaffe 12 weeks

Piaffe 5 months